Have you just finished writing your first book? Are you asking yourself now what? What happened to you, happened to me. I finished writing my first book and stood perplexed. What is the next step? How am I going to get it published? I found many very good, but lengthy ebooks when scanning on the internet the beginning pages of those ebooks which focus on keys to self-publishing. There was just too much reading! What I wanted was no extra reading, just simply steps 1,2,3 etc. on how to self-publish. Therefore my Chapter One will be Steps to Self-Publishing. Also I questioned if there were things I should be doing to establish my publishing as a legitimate business? My Chapter Two will be Steps to Establishing a Publishing Business. Lastly, I could see there were some Basics that deserve a Chapter Three.

To activate your manuscript into an ebook there appears to be two choices for the self-publisher. The first choice is a Self-Publishing Service Company [SPSC] which usually offers to do much or even all of the work for you. Simply google self-publishing to view the competition. The other choice is this. Look in the mirror and see that talented creature whose nick name is Do It Yourself [DIY]. 

I am now eighty-two and in a skilled nursing facility. Before I enter His presence, I want to complete any special task or ministry He has for me.    
Dr. Arthur T. Pierson authored an excellent biography, George Müller of Bristol, wherein he writes of the experience of George Müller activating the promises of God by faith. I purchased that book when I was in my early twenties.
Dr. Pierson expressed himself regarding the biographical work he had just finished: “[N]or could anyone have completed such a work without feeling overawed by the argument which this narrative furnishes for a present, living, prayer-hearing God, and for a possible and practical daily walk with him and work with him.”  
I covet that. How God led in George Müller’s life is and was of great interest to me.  
Over the last fifty years or so, there has been a troubling haunt in the back of my mind. How is it that George Müller can embrace a promise as his own and pray and expect and thereafter receive the fantastic and unbelievable? And I am not, at least not to any degree of satisfaction in my own mind, doing likewise. Why not? 
I was dissatisfied with my servanthood to my Savior. What do I have to lay at the feet of Jesus when I must stand before him? I felt humiliated beyond words. I asked in prayer: Please tell me of anything you have in mind for this servant. I am wanting. I cannot stand before Jesus so empty handed when my salvation costs so much.  
Over the process of time, the answer came. There were a variety of enlightenments that were clear enough so that even I became aware. I will take the precaution to say the enlightenments were not of the sensational variety, such as an angel writing a message in the sky or a bird chirping a song while standing on the branch of the tree just outside my window.  
One awakening happened in this manner. I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Charles Stanley’s messages on the Promises of God on the internet. I heard these messages again and again. Finally, I was ready, and I accepted and received some promises for myself. I became increasingly aware that there are many of God’s people who are simply not finding, in their time of need, their applicable promise; they are not making their petition, supporting their petition with that applicable promise, and expecting God’s fulfillment of His own promise in His own time and way! That observation and the nudging pressure of it serves as but one prompt to write this book.  
I am not an artist. If I were to draw a cow, all would wonder what it was. It is likely no one would guess a cow. I am not a teacher of Bible doctrine. I have not been called into the ministry. I am not a composer of music. God has selected others for those works. Nor am I an author. But since God made a donkey to talk in Numbers, it may not be so startling that I have written a book. 
So, the subject of my book is the promises of God, and how my reader and I can grab hold of them and hang on to them for dear life and expect His answer in His time.  
Boldly grabbing those promises will surely answer the questions for me and for those who want to know: Who is God? Where is the LORD God of Elijah? Who is Jesus?    
I invite my reader on a walk of faith. Each person will find there are many, many forks in the road. One signpost says God’s Way and the other says My Way. The first objective on this walk is to activate the promises of God in daily life. A second objective is to discover any special task or ministry Almighty God may have for any one of us, wherein by genuine faith the promises of God can be exercised and fulfilled.    

2 Kings 19:19b
…that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that thou art the LORD God, even thou only.

I Wrote a Book! NOW WHAT?

Steps of a Servant

A Note from the Author
Hebrews 11:32 lists many persons… 

Who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens (Hebrews 11:33–34). 

“…Who through faith subdued kingdoms [and]…stopped the mouths of lions.” I select these two achievements and conclude: Now that is something big. That is tremendous! That is momentous! 
So, I see there is definite hope for me and my problems! For insignificant me, there may well be neither subdued kingdoms nor the mouths of lions stopped; but for His solution to my problems and petitions, I am confident. God is simply not perplexed!
But perplexing problems are not at the top of my list. Exercising my servanthood is. As a born-again child of God, I was bought with a price. I am a servant of Almighty God and thankful to be! 

It appears cheaper and there are several first time authors who have been successful with their DIY choice. So, I chose DIY. But, in spite of me putting on my Do It Yourself [DIY] cap, and primping just a bit, I found I could not do it all myself. Therefore for this book, the 1,2,3 Steps have identified some helpers for the DIY author. Additional Steps acquaint or remind the DIY author of things that must be done to establish their own publishing business. Other Steps just simply add to the agenda the practical and prudent.
Please be aware that although the Steps are numbered 1,2,3 etc. this does not mean that the 1,2,3 order given is the precise order for each DIY author to follow. All steps should be done in an efficient order of convenience to each DIY author. The final step positions the author with a manuscript ready to be formatted to accommodate the requirements of Kindle, Smashwords, Koko, Apple’s ibook and others. As the formatting is completed and issues with your cover art are resolved, there is yet one more decision for the DIY. To which ebook distributor/s shall the manuscript be sent for publication? (Example: Kindle or Smashwords)
I do not include any guidance for those authors who will be selling books themselves from their website or otherwise because I do not expect to be active in that manner. I offer no steps of progress for the SPSC author because I am a DIY author and I record only the experience of myself, a DIY. I have made the assumption that you have written your manuscript when I suggest Step One in Chapter One to be employing an editor. Please be informed that I make absolutely no recommendations. As has been said, I only record my experience as a first time author.

As I close this introduction I must include this invitation. If anyone has helpful information for a first time author in addition to what you have read in this book, please email me. I will email your contribution to folks who email me as a result of this book.