It is in my nursing home environment that I have discovered there are many people who have muscle pain in one location or another. I recall the experience of my mom. The best relief mom found for the arthritis in her knees was horse liniment. I am now experiencing some sporadic muscle pain. So I purchased a bottle of Chapman’s All Natural Horse Liniment. The bottle boasts the following. [All Natural Liniment. For Man or Beast. The Great External Relief] 

I especially like that Great External Relief. I  prefer an external spray as opposed to internal pills! Chapman’s Horse Liniment does work. I have been very generous with my horse liniment. If a nurse assistant at this nursing home has muscle pain, I always offer them a generous spray of my horse liniment. When I see them again, they have a good report and usually ask where they can purchase it.  

Horse Liniment

Chapman's Premium All Natural Horse Liniment

 I have also just recently discovered that Chapman’s can be used for edema. I have tried it and it is working for me.  
 When you go to Amazon you will discover there are many brands of horse liniment. They may all work, I do not know. You may wish to try another brand. I only know about Chapman’s.  The testimony of L.E.D. Indiana.

                                                                                           Let us get acquainted:

I am in my eighties and I live in a nursing home.  Three Neurologist Doctors have given me the diagnosis of Parkinson’s. I get a modest commission every time anyone goes  through my web site to make any Amazon purchase. Frankly, I am hopeful Amazon purchases will help me pay my bills. I am absolutely certain that the Chapmans Horse Liniment will be worth its weight in gold to you. Just click “Buy Now On Amazon” and add it to your cart.

                                                                                                                                                                                              Thank you very much
                                                                                                                                                                                                            ~Lois Decker